Six Girls and A Witch

Many years ago in Serawak, there were six girls who were good friends. The most beautiful was Gayah. She was the cleverest too.

One day they went to the jungle to collect some wild fruit. They lost their way. “Don’t be afraid”, said Gayah. “I shall be able to find the way back.” When night came, they saw a bright fire not far away. They walked towards it. There was a little old woman sitting in front of it.

“I know you have lost your way,” the old man said.

“You must be hungry, although you certainly look quite fat and well fed. Ha, ha, ha! It is lucky that you found me. Have some of these cakes, my dears.”

“Don’t take any!” whispered Gayah. “Let me talk to her. She’s a witch.”

“I’m sorry we can’t eat without first having something to drink,” she said to the old woman.

“How far is the nearest river from here?”

“I can’t tell you,” replied the old woman. “If I tell you, you’ll run away. No my dears, I’ll fetch some water for you.”

“Thank you , madam,” Gayah answered. She thought that th…


Helllo guys! Welcome back to my blog. How was your day?Is it busy or fun? I hope your day Is fun. You must know, I,m so busy in this school

Now, I will tell you about Gathapraya, my school's cultural festival

Gathapraya is the cultural festival's name of SMAN 3 Bandung 2017. Gathapraya is taken from the words "ana gatha" and "abi praya". one year ago which is 2016 called Megantara. Gathapraya is open for public with price of ticket for pre-sale 1 Rp.35.000, pre-sale 2 Rp.45.000, htm Rp.55.000, ots Rp.65.000.

The festival begins with a children's show featuring a kindergarten featuring dances which are then followed by elementary school children featuring regional dances.

after that the event continued with a parade to the field of bali starting from the field of saparua then through the detour to smp 5 and forwarded to the bali field.

Gathapraya can be entered from 12.00 PM. The event was opened by singing national songs. After singing national songs, …

My First Video

Hello guys! How are you? I'm so busy right now

Me and my friend, Michael Adigreace just made an advertisement about one of the most beautiful place for vacation in Indonesia. Kuta!!!

Check it out here guys :

My Plan


Hello guys!
How are you today?I'm back to tell my story that i can't forget it, one of the most crazy experience I've ever experienced. Are you ready? Okay, i will tell my story... Here it is
One day, I played volley ball with my friends in my school hall. It was rainy season.
It was cloudy at that time. Before we played volley ball, we had been given some instructions by our coach. After that I and my friends had to do warming-up. Our coach asked us to run around the court. While we were running, the rain fell. The coach then asked us to stop running. Not long after that, the rain stopped. I and my friends started to play a game. The coach warned us to be careful, because the court was so slippery.
The game started with serve. Jumping strongly, I got the ball so I smashed the ball quickly. When I landed, I was slipped and “BRAKKK”. I fell down suddenly. Unluckily, I broke one of my legs and the tournaments are held 3 months again. My friends then brought me to a hospital. I …

Introduction Conversation

A : Good morning.
T : Good morning.
A : May I have time to talk with you?
T : Yes, sure. What can I do for you?
A : I am Aira, Where do you come from?
T : Mmm, I am Kyrie, I came from USA

A : How long have you been in Indonesia?
T : I have been here for 7 days. I have visited many places in this country.
A : What places have you visited?
T : There are a lot of places, such as Bali, Lombok, Mount Bromo, Jogja Palace, Borobudur, this temple, and so on. I enjoyed this vacation.
A : I'm glad to hear that. Do you have a hobby?

T : Yes, i have. My hobby is playing basketball. How about you?
A : My hobby is playing volleyball and watching NBA match. Why do you like to play basketball?
T : Because my first time i watched basketball, i like the game. I love basketball because i watched Kobe. He is my idol. Why do you like to watch basketball game? And why playing basketball is not your hobby?
A : Because basketball is very entertaining. Playing basketball is not my hobby because i am not so good in bask…

It's All About Me

Hello!Welcome to my blog.
On this occasion, allow me to make an introduction about who I am. My name is Aira Thalca Avila Putra. You can call me Aira. I was born in Bandung, March 6, 2002. I live in Cimahi. I am very grateful because now I managed to get a chance to attend this Favorite School, SMAN 3 Bandung. 
Furthermore, I have a mission in this School. The mission is to get an invitation to SNMPTN. My favorite subjects are mathematics and astronomy. If there is a mathematics or astronomy competition, I will try to take a part. It was my first step to achieve my goal of becoming a mathematicians or astronomers.
The reason why I want to go to this school from the first time is because this school has enough achievement and spawned a lot of students who can continue their study in state universities. Hopefully I can follow them too.
Now, allow me to introduce myself further. As you know, i love mahematics. From childhood, I was crammed with mathematics from my mother. In addition, I a…